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Scores are up! Now he's ready to get funding for his business!


Steven is finally able to realize the dream of owning his own home!


Tamera was able to check off home ownership from her bucket list.


Andy was having trouble getting a car until he got started with CreditNerds!

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You do not know what you do not know. I was constantly bombarded with letters and emails telling me to apply for new credit cards, refinance loans, etc. Like anything in life, if you want to maximize success, you need a sound strategy. CreditNerds was the strategy I did not know existed. They identified what I was looking to accomplish with funding, all the variables that existed for me and came up with a strategy to maximize my funding opportunities. I’ve recommended both family and friends. Don’t shoot with your eyes blindfolded, get an assessment and maximize the effectiveness of your credit to hit the bullseye you want.


I appreciate that the representatives are always transparent and honest, and professional. There are no fake claims or empty promises. I knew the expectations at every step of their process.


Eric and the Creditnerds team go above and beyond to help people fix their credit reports for better scores. They also explain what factors can impact your scores, why it's important to keep a good credit history, and much more! Highly recommend to anyone!


Best credit repair I've ever experienced, excellent service and they do what they say they'll do


Super honest, knowledgeable, and on top if it!

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Buying a car is an exhilarating experience, but sometimes, the excitement quickly fades. You might find yourself questioning your decision and wondering, can you return a car you just bought? Generally, the answer is no, but there are specific situations where returning a car might be possible. Understanding these scenarios and knowing your options can …

A semi-realistic cartoony style image of a person wearing glasses, looking worried while holding a credit card statement with increasingly larger numbers. Surrounding the character are symbolic snowballs growing in size, representing the accumulating interest on the credit card balance. The background shows a simple living room setting with a couch, coffee table, and plants, adding a relatable context. Bright and engaging colors make the image visually appealing.

Credit cards provide a convenient way to manage expenses, whether you're covering daily purchases, emergencies, or significant expenditures. However, understanding how interest charges accumulate is crucial, especially when you don’t pay off your entire balance each month. In this post, we’ll explore how interest on credit card balances works and why carrying a balance can …

A semi-realistic cartoony style image of a person wearing glasses, looking at a calendar with important dates circled. The character is holding a document labeled 'Grace Period' and seems thoughtful, indicating they are considering the time allowed for payment. The background includes subtle office elements like a desk, computer, and bookshelf, with bright and engaging colors making the image visually appealing.

A grace period allows you to avoid interest or fees on borrowed money for a specified time. Grace periods differ by lender and loan type, but understanding them can save you money. Here’s what you need to know about periods. How Does a Grace Period Work? Lenders often provide grace periods, although they are not …

A semi-realistic cartoony image of a worried character wearing glasses, looking at their credit card with a shocked expression. The background includes subtle hints of hacking elements like binary codes and warning symbols. The character is in a home setting with a laptop open on a desk, displaying a warning message on the screen, reflecting the theme of credit card hacking.

11 Signs Your Credit Card Has Been Hacked Credit card fraud is prevalent. In 2023, it was the most common type of identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). With so much information stored and transmitted digitally, your credit card information can be hacked and used without your card ever leaving your wallet. …

Cartoon-style image of a young man wearing glasses, standing in a park with American flags and memorial wreaths, smiling and holding a small American flag, with people in the background paying respects at a memorial.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we take time to honor and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. At Credit Nerds, we understand that the best way to honor their legacy is by supporting the veterans and families who continue to serve our nation in countless ways. …

A semi-realistic cartoon-style illustration of a thoughtful person with glasses sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen displaying "Account Balances Impact Credit". The character is holding a financial statement and is surrounded by icons like credit scores, dollar signs, and bar graphs. The character is dressed in casual clothes, appearing focused and contemplative. The background shows a home office setting with a bulletin board and a window displaying a neutral sky, emphasizing the importance of managing finances.

Understanding how your account balances affect your credit is crucial in managing your financial health. This article explores the dynamics between your balances and credit scores, detailing strategies for optimal management. The Influence of Account Balances on Credit Scores Account balances directly impact your credit if they are reported to credit bureaus. The way these …

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