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How does it work?

A lot of people ask us how we are able to provide our credit repair services FREE to our customers.
It’s actually quite simple… Trust. We believe that if you work with us and see the level of service that we provide, then you will choose to work with us on one of our other services as well. Maybe you need your business funded, or maybe you’re trying to buy a rental property. Let us repair your credit first, and then we can help you with those things as well.

Improve Credit

The first step in a strong financial picture is good personal credit. It allows you access to banks and programs with rates and terms that non-traditional lenders just can’t compete with.

Launch Your Business
Then we need to get you the capital you need to launch your business. Our proprietary FUNDS® system uses an advanced computer algorithm to find you the money you need NOW!
Fund Your Properties

And lastly… let’s find you the lenders you need to fund your next Real Estate deal. You can use our custom matching program to get connected to the right lender at absolutely NO COST to you!

Get tips & tricks on how to skyrocket your chances of approval.

Approvals are not just about good “scores”.
With our program, we focus on helping you reach your goals.
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Improve the report.

Once we build the strength of the report, we can move on to helping you get what you REALLY wanted.

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Then... Go Find the Money

Our customers “think” they want good credit scores. But normally their main goal is some kind of credit approval. We focus on the best chances of getting you approved and not JUST the score.

Isn't it time to build something?

Your business isn’t going to grow itself! You have to grow with it. Most people just don’t have the funds needed to properly scale and market their company. That’s where we come in!

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Learn the keys to getting approved!

With our Funding Assessment process, you can learn what lenders are REALLY looking for!

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Let us find you the money you need!

Don’t waste your inquiries guessing who will give you the highest approvals! Let our proprietary FUNDS® System do the work for you!

Over $65,000,000 in Funding for customers just like you.


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Main Goal... YOU!

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