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Scores are up! Now he's ready to get funding for his business!


Steven is finally able to realize the dream of owning his own home!


Tamera was able to check off home ownership from her bucket list.


Andy was having trouble getting a car until he got started with CreditNerds!

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I'm so grateful for CreditNerds help in correcting my credit reports and ratings. I'm just sorry I didn't accept your assistance earlier. With your team's expertise and professional support you helped me improve my credit score by over 100 points in 3 months. What you do works and it is important to follow the directions in a timely manner. Do that and the results are great! I've obtained a number of new credit lines and now have the education to use them wisely. Thank you.

CreditNerds has opened my eyes about how your credit score is actually formed! The good and the bad, utilization, rules of disputing and maximizing credit worthiness!!! I can't wait to attend his next event, Eric definitely makes learning about credit an absolutely FUN experience!!!

I didn't know what I didn't know about the credit system in our country until I attended one of the CreditNerds training sessions. They know the industry inside and out so can certainly provide the information, but they also speak in layman's terms so that you can actually understand what they are saying. The fact that you enjoy yourself and have a few good laughs along the way is just icing on the cake. I would highly recommend any program or training that CreditNerds puts on, without hesitation.

I come from 12 years in the retail banking industry...and I know more than the average Jill about credit and the reporting agencies. I sat thru my 1st Eric Counts class on Credit Repair and Management, and within 20 minutes I was blown away! I "thought" I knew a thing or three about credit... but this guy...is a credit genius. He is knowledgeable, he is real, and he is funny! He is that proverbial "Bag of Chips!"

It was very surprising when Eric started his presentation with "Why Credit Repair doesn't work". As he proceeded to explain how it doesn't work, what are the illegal practices some companies do, why do you have to do some things yourself, it all made sense. Then, of course, he explained what credit consists of and how to properly repair it. Besides, he is truly an expert, that knows and understands the applicable laws, and uses them to your advantage. His presentation skills are second to none, displaying confidence and mastery, with the finest sense of humor, while staying humble, and showing a sincere motivation to serve.

Spending a few hours with Eric Counts was a game changer. Through his unique teaching style he engages his audience from an entertaining aspect as well as a knowledge aspect. You don't gain information from what he teaches. You gain knowledge and application. He doesn't just teach you. He shows you how to change your life. Through his content rich education he helps people learn the credit repair inside and out. Tools that are powerful beyond measure with the right follow through. what Eric has to share is definitely worth listening too.

Over the last year it has been truly my pleasure to be able to attend multiple of Eric Counts' live training events. The information that I learned was brilliantly mind blowing. Even after attending multiple events I still know that there is more that I can learn from this man and it's also a plus that he is so entertaining to watch!

I had the pleasure of sitting and hearing Eric's credit seminar about at least four times in the last 3 and 1/2 years. Each and everytime I listened to his teachings i walk away with so much helpful information than the previous time. I am also a client of his Credit restoration company and words can not explain how his services has impacted my life tremendously. I was in a bad place credit wise for a period of time until I met Eric and his Nerds! They definitley earn thier bragging rights! Thank you so much Eric and your Nerds! <3

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