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Funding for Codebreaker®

Funding for Codebreaker®

Whether you need funding to start or grow a business or get started with Codebreaker®, you can rest assured knowing that CreditNerds® is here to help you every step of the way! And the best part... You pay ONLY for results!

How Does It Work?



We start by doing a full credit assessment to find out what we are working with… Don’t let this scare you away. With tons of lenders and programs, there is almost always an option for funding.


Next, we actually go over all the options to make sure that we have the BEST chance at getting you funded. We may ask some weird questions (are you a plumber?) but we assure you that there is a method to the madness.


At this point, we have discussed your options, gone over any possible fees, and informed you of any obstacles we could face. Finally, we work with over 250 different lenders to find you the money!

We Aren't Just Guessing...

Our proprietary FUNDS® system uses a mathematical algorithm to give a percentage likelihood of approval down to 1/100th of a percent with over 270 different lenders. If there is money to be found… we will find it.

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Credit Repair & Funding

Why Choose CreditNerds®?

We get it... you have a thousand options when it comes to credit repair and business funding services... why choose us?

  • Protect Your Credit Many funding companies will not be honest about the fact that you could see some negative impact to your credit report during the funding process. Not only will we be honest, we will go over how we limit that impact with our proprietary funding system.
  • Maximize Funding Think about it… We're only paid if we're are able to get you access to funding. That means, as long as it is legal, moral, and ethical, we will stop at nothing to get you the funding you need to reach your goals.
  • Reach Your Goals Our program helps fund an average of $1,000,000 each month to people just like you. People looking to improve their lives by learning to invest, to create more options to buy properties or assets, or just starting their own new business. Thousands of people that knew that sometimes, taking a chance is all it takes to make a better life.

What is

The FUNDS® system stands for Funding Underwriting Notification and Decisioning System. It is our proprietary software that tracks the lending trends of over 100 different lenders… But that’s not all it can do. It’s also the system that allows you access to our funding coaches, safe and secure log in, and a fast and easy way to stay informed about your approvals.

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It's our job...

At CreditNerds®, we are not just your average credit repair team; we are your dedicated allies in the fight for financial freedom. Our seasoned experts specialize in tackling a wide range of credit challenges, from erroneous late payments to stubborn collections and everything in between. With a proven track record of success, a commitment to transparency, and a passion for helping our clients, we're your trusted partner on the path to credit recovery. We've got the experience, the knowledge, and the determination to turn your credit profile around and pave the way for a brighter financial future. When you choose CreditNerds®, you're choosing a team that's genuinely invested in your success.

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And... We have a blog!

A semi-realistic cartoony style illustration for a blog post titled "Why Paying Off Certain Debts Lowers Your Credit Score?" It features a character wearing glasses who looks puzzled while holding a paid-off bill in one hand and a declining credit score report in the other. Behind the character is a downward-sloping graph, indicating a decreasing credit score. The background has a light, neutral color palette with subtle financial symbols integrated.

Paying off debt is generally seen as a positive financial move. However, it can sometimes lead to an unexpected drop in your credit score. Understanding why paying off certain debts lowers your credit score is crucial for effective financial management. Understanding Credit Utilization Ratio The credit utilization ratio is a significant factor in your credit …

A square, realistic style illustration for a blog post about the statute of limitations on debt collection. The character wears glasses and holds a large clock in one hand and a legal document in the other. Behind the character are a calendar and a legal scale symbolizing justice. The background features a neutral color palette with subtle legal and financial symbols integrated. No text is included in the image.

Do you have debt that keeps you up at night? Learning about the statute of limitations on debt collection might help. This legal deadline limits the time a debt collector can sue you over debt. However, this timeframe varies depending on your state and situation. What Is a Statute of Limitations on Debt? The statute …

A semi-realistic cartoony style illustration for a blog post titled "Why Paying Off Certain Debts Raises Your Score?" It features a cheerful character wearing glasses, smiling and holding a credit score report in one hand and a paid-off bill in the other. In the background, a rising graph indicates an increasing credit score, with a light, cheerful color palette and subtle dollar signs and financial symbols integrated.

In today's financial landscape, understanding credit scores is crucial. One key factor in managing your credit score is debt repayment. Let's explore why paying off certain debts raises your credit score and how you can strategically improve your financial health. The Role of Debt in Your Credit Score Your credit score is a reflection of …

A semi-realistic cartoony style cover image for a blog post titled '8 Things to Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy.' The image features a concerned character wearing glasses, holding a document labeled 'Bankruptcy' with a pen in hand. Around them are symbols of financial stress, including a calculator, overdue bills, and a declining graph. The background has a mix of muted colors, emphasizing the seriousness of the topic.

Bankruptcy can provide relief from crippling debt, but it has serious negative consequences. Here are some questions to consider before you file for bankruptcy to help clarify whether it's the right move for you. Exhaust Your Other Options First Because of its serious ramifications, consider bankruptcy only as a last resort. First, explore other bankruptcy …

A cheerful parent wearing glasses sits at a desk with an open laptop, surrounded by symbols of investments like piggy banks, charts, and stacks of coins. The background is colorful and vibrant, with blue and green hues, illustrating the blog post titled '5 investing tips for parents' in a semi-realistic cartoony style.

Whether you're welcoming your first child or already have kids at home, it's never too late to start investing. Being strategic about your investments can help you grow your wealth and reach your financial goals faster. Chances are you're looking to invest for both yourself and your child. In that spirit, here are five simple …

A semi-realistic image of a person negotiating confidently in an office setting. The person is wearing glasses and holding a document while speaking. The background includes office elements like a desk, a laptop, paperwork, and a window with a view of a cityscape, with detailed features and shading.

Negotiating with creditors can be a powerful strategy to improve your financial situation. By negotiating better terms, you can reduce your debt, lower interest rates, and set up manageable payment plans. Understanding how to negotiate with creditors for better terms is essential for anyone looking to take control of their financial health. This guide will …

A person wearing glasses, looking worried, sits at a desk with financial documents scattered around, including a prominent bankruptcy notice. The background shows a home office with dim lighting, creating a somber mood. Icons representing long-term financial impact, such as a broken piggy bank, a declining bar graph, and clock symbols, surround the character. The image illustrates the serious and reflective theme of the long-term effects of bankruptcy on credit.

Bankruptcy can provide much-needed relief for those drowning in debt, but it comes with significant long-term consequences for your credit score. Understanding the long-term effects of bankruptcy on your credit is crucial for anyone considering this option. In this blog post, we will analyze how bankruptcy impacts your credit over time and provide actionable steps …

A young professional wearing glasses stands in front of an office building, holding a resume in one hand and a credit score report in the other, looking thoughtful. Icons representing employment opportunities, such as briefcases, graphs, and checkmarks, surround the character. The background features a modern office environment with other professionals walking by, conveying an informative and slightly serious atmosphere, illustrating the impact of credit scores on employment opportunities.

In today's competitive job market, your credit score can play a surprising role in your employment opportunities. While it's well known that credit scores affect your ability to get loans and credit cards, fewer people realize that some employers also use credit reports in their hiring process. Understanding the connection between credit scores and employment …

A realistic cartoon-style illustration for a blog post titled 'The Impact of Credit Inquiries on Your Score.' The central character is an African American person with dark skin, curly hair, and glasses, wearing a green shirt and jeans. They are carefully examining a credit report with a magnifying glass. In the background, a large credit score gauge with a fluctuating needle is prominent, surrounded by icons representing different types of credit inquiries: a house, a car, and a credit card. The scene is enriched with abstract patterns in blue and green, adding vibrancy. The character's expression shows a thoughtful mix of curiosity and concern, emphasizing the importance of understanding credit inquiries.

Credit inquiries play a significant role in your financial health. They occur whenever a request is made to review your credit report, and they can influence your credit score in various ways. Understanding the impact of credit inquiries on your score is essential for effective credit management. In this guide, we'll explore the differences between …

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It takes only few minutes to register for a funding assessment and be on your way to more access to capital. And best of all… it’s FREE! Our company is a leading provider of technology based funding services backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from college students to wealthy seasoned investors. No matter who you are, where are you from, or what your budget is, we have funding solutions to fit the needs of your growing company or your growing family. The assessment is free and you only pay for success… You can’t go wrong.