How to use our results database

Some companies tell you how great they are... We want to actually SHOW YOU how great the Nerds here at are at getting results for our clients. Below is our proprietary Results Database. This allows our customers to actually view the REAL RESULTS Results are letters directly from the credit bureaus or creditors that show the status of items on our client's credit reports.
These letters are 100% real and come directly from the reporting sources.
obtained by actual clients. To use the database, simply search for an item type like collection or credit card. You can also search by credit bureau like Equifax, Experian, or Trans Union... and last but not least, you can even search by creditor or company name such as Chase or Capital One. Please remember, while this is a large number of our results, it does not represent ALL of our results. Just because something is not listed here does not mean we can't help you with that item.

To search, simply start typing in the search box on the right side of the table below...

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